Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Adams 12 Nutrition Services 2017-18 - Monthly “Did You Know?” Messaging
Instructions: Please post each message along with the corresponding graphic (identified in parentheses below) according to the date range listed. These messages and graphics should be posted on school social media outlets and on school websites within the dates listed. Schools may also choose to include them in newsletter distribution. Questions directed to TJ Ricciardi at Antonio.ricciardi@adams12.org.

     September 11-15:
ALL Five Star families are encouraged to complete a free and reduced meal application online at www.myschoolapps.com. For all of your school meal benefit needs, visit: adams12.org/nutrition_free_reduced (Free/Reduced Graphic)

     October 9-13:
It’s National School Lunch Week! This year’s theme is recipes for success and a key ingredient of our recipe for success is your feedback. Visit adams12.org/community-connections before October 20th to let us know how we are doing and how we can improve. (Survey: Recipes for Success Graphic)

     November 6-10: Did You Know parents have the power? It’s true! As a parent, you are able to view and manage your child’s meal purchases. To review a la carte items or limit purchases, contact your school’s kitchen manager and visit payforit.net to view your child’s purchases. (Parent Power Graphic)

     December 4-8:
We are food safety fanatics - we have a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program to keep your students safe and well nourished. (Food Borne Illness Graphic)

     January 16-19: During the time of year where we reflect and set goals, Did You Know that Nutrition Services sets its own goals based on what we hear from you? See the results of our feedback survey and how we are moving forward this upcoming year:  www.adams12.org/community-connections. (Goals Graphic)

     February 5-9:
Nutrition Services follows strict federal guidelines that limit the amount of sugar, sodium, calories, and fat in all a la carte snack items. Due to these guidelines, many of our snack offerings are not available to the public and are a healthier alternative to regular store bought snack items as they are specifically made for school programs. (Healthier Snack Graphic)

     March 5-9:
It’s National Nutrition Month and we have been challenged to “Go Further with Food”! 100% of grains served in our programs are whole grain-rich, meaning at least 51% of the grains in the product are whole. This even includes pizza crust, breading on chicken and other breaded items. Now, that’s taking our food further! (Whole Grain Graphic)

     April 2-16:
April is National Garden Month. Nutrition Services has created a Garden to Cafeteria Program to safely incorporate vegetables from school gardens into school lunch. Dig up more information: www.adams12.org/school-gardens. (Garden to Cafeteria Graphic)

     May 14-18:
For the 2017-2018 school year, we served ____ lunches,  ____ breakfasts and ___ snacks. We also donated ___ pounds of food to the Adams County Food Bank. We are feeding hungry minds in Adams 12 Five Star Schools and throughout Adams County! (Breakfasts Lunches Snacks Graphic)