Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear Parents:

March is a busy month.  We have registration for the 2017-18 school year and the PARCC(Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers) Assessments, CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success ) will be before and after spring break in March and April.

We should all keep in mind the importance of PARCC.  The district focuses on a full body of evidence (MAPS Assessment, District 12 Common Assessments, In Building Common Assessments, and PARCC) when making important Curriculum and Instruction decisions.  Teachers also use assessment data to plan and drive their instruction for each class.  However, PARCC is the most widely used assessment when a decision needs to be made regarding your student’s potential and possible best successful avenue in guiding schedules (used to guide necessary classes, such as remedial classes or advanced classes). 

                Last year, Shadow Ridge showed gains in several of our assessment scores.  In order to reach an improved status we need you to be cognizant of the dates and the importance of this state mandated test.  Please help
us support your students by remembering the dates of the PARCC and CMAS Tests, which will be March 7th through April 20th .

How can you help your student in preparation of the PARCC Assessments?

-Be sure that your child is in attendance every day and prepared to do the best
                                he/she can on the test.  Please do not schedule trips, medical
                                appointments, or other personal events during this assessment period.

-Make sure that your child eats breakfast every morning.

                -Encourage your child to take their time and try to answer every question.  Often
                                students do not attempt the question if they do not know the answer. 
                                It is important to remember that if students attempt the question, they
                                can earn partial credit.  Receiving partial credit can make a significant
                difference in their categorical score (advanced, proficient, partially
proficient, unsatisfactory).

-Instill in your child the importance of writing complete sentences when answering a

                -Show interest in how the test went that specific day.  This will display your belief
                                regarding the importance of the assessment.

It is also important to know Adams 12 Five Star Schools has received some funds from a federal grant focused on drug-free schools.  Dark Knight K-9 Detection Services will be providing contraband inspections utilizing non-aggressive and certified detection canines.  The main priority of this program is prevention.  SRMS will be participating in this program, along with other secondary schools in District 12, with random searches taking place up to once a month. 

Thank you for your partnership in supporting your child, Shadow Ridge Middle School, and District 12 School District!

Susie Wickham