Monday, April 25, 2016


Students who have balances or who owe charges in their lunch account at the end of the year will have that balance or charge rolled over into next year.  If your student is changing schools the balance or charge will follow them to their new school, with the exception of charter schools.

If you would like to have the balance refunded to you, please contact your kitchen manager. Be aware that the school office cannot do refunds for the Lunch Program. Please see the kitchen manager.

In order to get our financial house in order, there can be no negative balance charges as of May 12 at MIDDLE schools and May 19 at ELEMENTARY schools. Please ensure your child has appropriate funds for purchases as of these dates. Free and K-5 reduced price students will not require any funds.

We have sincerely enjoyed having your student eat with us.  We look forward to serving your student nutritious meals again next year.  Thank you for your support of our program!

Kitchen Staff